It’s not uncommon to hear wine experts say that a particular wine has...

There’s more to winemaking style than simply pointing on a map and declaring that’s where Old World wines are made and there’s where New World wines are made. The truth is any region is capable...

There’s a lot to discover when it comes to modern Kosher wine. Up until the 1960s, most Kosher wine would have been characterized by sweet, the largest producers coming from the American...

Open a Bottle of Poochi Poochi Sparkling Sake

Great sushi calls for a great beer or sake. Why not open a bottle of something that’s got the best of both worlds? Poochi Poochi is a sparkling sake that has enough sugar to pair well with spicy foods but is dryer than a typical sake. Yet this wine is delicate and pairs well with the nuanced flavors of a grand sushi blow out.

Egg Salad Sandwiches Go Beaujolais

Who says red wine can’t be paired with an egg salad sandwich? Not us. We recommend a Beaujolais to go with the humble egg salad sandwich. It’s fruity and light with low acid. That’s important because the sulfur from the eggs can become overwhelming if paired with a wine that’s too acidic. Beaujolais is light bodied. It’s not uncommon to chill a Beaujolais, even though it’s a red wine. Surprised? Stick with us, we’ll help you navigate the unexpected and the curve balls this crazy, nutty, fancy-pants wine world can throw at you.

Grilled Cheese Loves Wine

You heard it here first, grilled cheese loves to be paired with wine. Okay, maybe you’ve heard it elsewhere first, but there’s no denying that people are looking to pair wine with food that might have formerly been considered too low-brow for wine. We’re thrilled with this trend. Enter an American favorite that’s gotten some serious foodie attention of late, so why not pair it with a wine?


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